General Consulting Services      [Nuclear Technical and Commercial]

PDS General Consulting Services

Nuclear Technical and Energy Sector Commercial


PDS Provides “Real World” solutions through its network of experts with experience in:

  • The Nuclear Fuel Cycle, including fuel supply, LLRW and ILRW management options & spent fuel management solutions;
  • Non-proliferation Support, including highly enriched uranium (HEU) downblending, plutonium disposition, security upgrades, and special nuclear materials clean-up;
  • Research Reactor fuels assessments
  • Decommissioning;
  • Systems Integration;
  • Radioactive Material Transportation Systems [LLRW, ILW, HLW & Spent Fuel]
  • International Project Support, including technology transfer & management and market development; and
  • Mergers and Acquisitions support, including target company profiling and joint venture management.




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