Areas of Focus [Commercial]

Market Substantiation & Monitoring  


PDS provides access to local markets, local trends, and local opportunities.  After establishing your products, services, and areas of interest, PDS monitors these local areas for information and opportunities important to you.

Qualification & Development 


Market knowledge and identifying opportunities are only the first steps. Many factors affect the quality of any opportunity, and often these are not known outside the immediate region. PDS’s network evaluates these opportunities and provides guidance on which are worth pursuing, and which are better left for the competition to spin their wheels.


Evaluation & Report


PDS provides specific reports on each qualified opportunity so that you may evaluate it for yourself and decide on the appropriate action.


Market Studies


Entering a new market, whether it is a new product in an existing market segment, or expanding geographically or functionally into new segments, requires a thorough understanding of the risks and the benefits. What do you really know about the new market? Versus what you think you know.


Market Intelligence


Once you enter a new market, intelligence becomes your most valuable resource. Reactive intelligence is information you didn’t know you needed. Proactive intelligence is answers to your questions. And both are best gathered and evaluated by local experts. 

Market intelligence needs contacts - networks of informed local resources whose interests are aligned with yours, so you get what you need - accurately, completely, and timely. And resources knowledgeable in the local environment so you get useful analysis and qualification, not just RFP’s or news clippings. 

PDS focuses on emerging and established markets where we have years, even decades, of experience


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