Case Studies [Consulting]


  • Marketing & Business Development for:
    • Personal radiation monitors for first responders in the US
    • Multiple Power plant training simulators in Russia and Korea
    • Nuclear power plant spent fuel shipping casks in China
  • Consulting Reports & Advisory Services including 
    • Review of Transport options and logistics for 99Mo transport and Development of Strategic and Business plan(s) to achieve concrete utilisation scenarios

    • The development, licensing and commercialization of a new generation LEU fuel transportation system for Client Confidential Eastern European clients

    • Commercial aspects associated with the Eurasia group of Reactors and advising the group on 99Mo production for medical diagnostics

    • Development, testing and licensing of a client specific shield container system[TRU-Shield®] for Dounreay Site Restoration Limited 

  • IAEA LEU Bank 
  • ​Development of commercial options for disposition of 2000 MT of Metallic sodium. 



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European Coordination: Auberge d'Provence        22 Hilda Tabone Street Birgu BRG 1252 Malta                                                

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